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I'm Ashley, the "Pivot Coach"! I'm a mother, veteran, & certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, & Coach. I have a passion for helping overcomers see, seize, and conquer their dreams and pursue entrepreneurship with purpose. See I'm an overcomer! I've overcome a few things in my 35 years of living! Being a high school dropout, getting my GED, single mom, married/divorced, and self-doubt, among other things....

I know how it feels to be stuck and not know how to move forward. I know how it feels to think you're not good enough. Not good feelings, but with a huge mindset shift, I was able to push past these negative thoughts and walk into who I am, flaws and all!  

After my 12-year career in the Army, going from soldier to veteran I quickly realized the importance of pivoting. Pivoting was an essential part of our drills and allowed us to change the course of direction precisely and efficiently. 

I used the skills I learned in my roles as a Human Resources NCO & a Unit Administrator and started a Virtual Assistant Agency (JAMM Resources LLC) from scratch! I saw a problem and quickly became a solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I know the mindset and motivation that it takes to start, grow, & manage a business. It's with resiliency, a growth mindset, and the "figure it out" attitude that I'm able to operate at a high level. 

Pivots and sudden shifts are necessary! I'm here to help you walk through it. 

I'm happy to have you here!

Check out the featured articles below to learn more about me!

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